Brian Nolan Head Shot (2).jpg

Ex Australian Ballet Company

Ex Chairperson RAD Vic & Tas Advisory Panel

RAD - Approved Mentor

2021 RAD Vic & Tas Advisory  Panel  

RAD Classes All Levels

Point, Competitions, Coaching

Stretching and Body Conditioning

Assessor TAE


Brian Nolan

Yvette Smith

Yvette Smith (3).png

Yvette  Smith - RAD TC

2021 RAD Vic & Tas Advisory Panel

RAD Classes Pre-Primary - Grade 8

Jazz, Babies

Naomi Bishop

Naomi Bishop.jpg

RAD Approved Mentor

RAD Supervisor for C.B.T.S.

Assessor TAE

2021 Vic RAD Advisory Panel

RAD Classes All Levels

Competitions, Tap & Contemporary


Teachers Certificate

Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theatre

Hip Hop and Singing


Ashleigh Kaye

Patricia Maundrell

Patricia (2).jpg

Patricia Maundrell - RAD TC

2021 Vice Chair RAD Vic & Tas Advisory Panel

Classical / RAD - All Levels

Technical Coach